Is the kitchen too domineering, get control back

Most people who know me well, would have never put money on that happening. But when you meet an amazing woman things soon change.
Jen & I were supposed to kick off our celebrations on Thursday night by going to see The Killers at The Hollywood Bowl then follow it up with The Stones at Staples Center last night and dinner at one of our favorite restaurants tonight.

Unfortunately, I’ve been laying on my mothers couch in Jersey since last Tuesday, absolutely sick as a dog, so we never made it back home to do any of that.
I crushed myself for a few weeks, capped off by a nonstop party weekend in New York on almost no sleep a couple weeks back and paid the price for it. This will be a lesson for me to learn from, that’s for sure.
While staying at my mothers place, I noticed that she had masses of toxic stuff in her kitchen that was becoming to domineering, which had to be thrown out immediately. I’m talking about the kind of stuff that makes you fat, unhealthy, depressed, hormonally fucked, and very sick.

Thing is, a lot of people have this same crap in their kitchens. So I figured I’d make a list of stuff to get rid of immediately, get the food preparation right, and get some control back.

  • Plastic spatulas They melt into your food. They leach nasty chemicals into your food. You want wood or bamboo; never plastic or rubber.
  • Plastic cutting boards, all those little chunks that are missing from them? Yeah, they’re inside you right now.
  • Aluminum and Teflon nonstick pans Both leach deadly chemicals into your body. Get stainless steel or enameled cast iron post and pans instead. Glass Pyrex cookware is good to have as well.
  • Toxic, non-green cleaning supplies Any brand name cleaning spray is not healthy. Go to a store like Whole Foods and get some green, eco friendly brands.
  • Vegetable oils The only oils you want to use are coconut, red palm and olive. The first two are the only ones safe for cooking with.
  • Microwaves They kill vital nutrients in food and blast you with a little dose of radiation. Which I’d be all for if it gave you extra human strength, but since it doesn’t I think its best to avoid it.
  • Anything in a Bisphenol A (BPA) containing can. Canned goods in general aren’t great but if you have to buy something in a can make sure it says BPA Free.
  • Wheat Depending what you read up to 80% of people are intolerant to gluten when tested. But I’ve known people who were tested for it and were told it wasn’t a problem. Then they cut out gluten for 90 days and all of their ailments disappeared. It’s just not a food worth eating. If you’re not healthy you don’t have a choice. Try it.

So come on!, throw all of that crap out, get your kitchen utensils clean, and lets get healthy now!
Jason Ferruggia

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Training Adviser to Men’s Fitness & LiveStrong

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