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Your new 6 week training program

I’m dropping you a line right now to let you know that we have just released our brand new 6 week training program: Renegade Strong.

Let’s be honest…

You’ve followed all the typical advice before…

Isolation exercises are useless.
Always do full body workouts.
Compete every day.
Always train to failure.
High reps are useless.
Cardio will kill your gains.
Always train to failure.
Getting a pump doesn’t matter.
Always do big compound exercises first.
What you’re over 35.

Of course you know. You’ve tried it all time and again. How far has it gotten you?

The reality is that your physique never dramatically changes. Your joints always hurt. If you gain any muscle you get fatter at the same time. The frustration sets in and the cycle repeats itself.

It’s time to stop all the insanity.

Get on a program that goes against conventional wisdom. A training program that doesn’t wreck your joints, crush your testosterone levels and lead to more frustration.

With the Renegade Strong training programe you get

A fully detailed 6 week workout plan
The ultimate pre workout warm up that will prime your body for maximum performance.
The precise order in which to do your exercises for the best results
All sets, reps, rest periods laid out for you with no guesswork
The exact way to combine strength, size and speed into one workout
How you should train your biceps more often… without damaging your elbows
A scientifically planned progression scheme that will help you hit new PRs without the injuries
Two exercises you have to do before squatting
What to do for those achy shoulders
The absolute best exercise for building massive traps
The 8 things you must do during every set to get the most out of it
A 1 minute technique that will is dramatically going to enhance your results
The 1 important thing you have to avoid during your workouts.
How best to schedule your strength and conditioning workouts to ensure the fastest progress.
The 8 best techniques that will help you recover FAST
Start Renegade Strong today and transform your physique in the next 6 weeks.

Get better every day,
Jay Ferruggia
PS. Download Renegade Strong Here.