Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Remedies

Are you prone to mild infection of vagina medically termed as bacterial vaginosis?. It’s become really common in women these days. Don’t worry we have many ways to look after this problem that produces a fishy odour, and white discharge from vagina making life uneasy for you. Bacterial vaginosis natural remedies can take care of this problem.

A yellowish discharge increases especially after intercourse leading to itching and irritation in the genitals. Many antibiotics are available which might be recommended by your doctor. But these dont only give short term relief, as friendly bacteria are killed as well as the problem ones. This leads to an overgrowth of bacteria which is the main cause for it. The basic bacterial vaginosis natural remedies include maintaining a personal hygiene.

Bacterial vaginosis natural remedies include taking garlic as it acts as an antiseptic. It can kill the developing germs in that area. Tea tree oil when applied to the tender areas around vagina which are soft to touch can help you soothes up the effect with a fresh smell. It can refresh your day and wont let you down throughout the day with this problem.

Doctors check out for it, by testing the vaginal discharge of the patient. Consume yoghurt in the diet as it acts as a very good and effective bacterial vaginosis natural remedies. 5 cups a day is recommended daily to cure it. It acts as a probiotic that can kill harmful bacteria. You can insert yoghurt into the vagina using the fingers to avoid itching.

Using apple cider vinegar in your bath tub mixed with warm water is also very helpful. It keeps you free from all the germs. Goldenseal capsules can work effectively if taken orally and can act as bacterial vaginosis natural remedies. Don’t take risk and always consult a doctor to confirm it. It can make you live a healthy life without any tensions or anxiety and embarrassment caused due to it.

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